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Design on Tampere Christmas Shop in Sokos, Tampere

Louna Collection glass vessels at the Design On Tampere Christmas Shop in Sokos with Design Co-operative Pinkka.

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Ruukkupuutarha installation at Super Mukava,
28th August to 2nd September, 2018

An edited version of our Ruukkupuutarha installation for the Muka va flagship store in Tampere.

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Ruukkupuutarha installation and workshop
25th–26th August, 2018

Ruukkupuutarha installation with clay, ceramics and plants at the Finlayson Art Area, designed and excecuted with Anne Kuntola. The installation included an open one-day workshop. Plants were provided by Kukkakauppa Opuntia.

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DOT Magazine #6

I wrote an article about well-designed workshops in Tampere for the sixth Design On Tamper Magazine (Käsillä tekemisen uusi muoto, pages 39–43),
and my Karkkipäivä jar was featured in one of the product shots (page 26).

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Karkkipäivä jar in Pieni talo Helsingissä, 2016

My Karkkipäivä jar featured in a local design blog written by an interior journalist Piia Kalliomäki.